Practice Not Included: Learn sleight of hand card magic!

Practice Not Included is intended to help those who are magicians, or who want to become magicians, to learn sleight of hand with cards. Because magical techniques must remain secrets in order for them to be of value to magicians, access to them must be kept somewhat exclusive. However, if we only ever shared them with people who were already magicians, the art would clearly die. This presents magical publishers with a delicate balancing act, and everyone must strike their own balance. Here is my balance: In order to gain entrance to this site, you can either answer a trivia question which most magicians will know the answer to, or you can send me a letter via snail mail telling me your email address, and requesting the answer. My goal in requiring this extra effort of you if you are new to the art is to ensure that you value the information enough to give it the respect it deserves.

To enter the site, use the answer to the following questions as both the username and password. All of the letters need to be lower case. All three questions have the same answer. Actually, I will accept three different answers, but one is more popular than the other two.

Whenever you are ready, you may

Enter Practice Not Included

If you cannot fill in the blanks above, and are willing to take the effort to send me a message via snail mail, than I will email you the password. Please send me your email address, and a signed promise that you will only share magical secrets with people who are magicians, or who you honestly believe will put in the effort to become magicians.

My mailing address is:
Andru Luvisi
Box 2854
Rohnert Park, CA 94927

All text and pictures on Practice Not Included is Copyright (c) 2002 Andru Luvisi